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I decide to dedicate one fo my blogs to one of my earliest followers allaboutlemon or adollylicious. One of my favourite gmaes she plays is the music theme game. Very few people know the history of these songs so I took what I have been learning in Music theory and put it to good use. Enjoy.



Britpop is British pop music, evolved in opposition to American “Grunge music” in the late 1980’s. Grunge music had been invading Britain and the pop musicians of Britain took it upon themselves to drive it out. Bands like “Pulp”, “Cast”, “Elastica and “Supergrass” were the epitome of Britpop and greatly influenced it.

Historical Context

Born in the late 80’s early 90’s, Britpop was driving out Grunge music whose influence in Britain was not appreciated by the local British Bands. So Britpop’s Bands battled it out with Grunge music…and won.


Britpop was a subgenre of alternative rock and was based on guitar music from the 1960’s. It was created in opposition to Grunge music, which many Britpop musicians disliked intensely. This motivated them to be better than the American Grunge music in every way they could think of. Britpop was strictly British musicians with local bands with their different county accents. There are no Britpop singers that were not born and raised in Britain. You can hear in the different Britpop albums the different county accents giving Britpop that little bit of individualism, such as Cockney, Northern and South London accents.

Britpop was catchy and the majority of the bands were out to have fun. They did not take themselves too seriously and that was what made the British population love them. Many bands were very funny, such as “Pulp” and “Verve”.”Pulp” half sang half told funny stories in their songs. They even joked around in the music videos they made. Verve’s “Bitter sweet symphony” had the lead singer knocking people over as he walked down the street and causing other such mischief.

Britpop artists typically wrote their own songs and very rarely sang a song they didn’t write themselves. Britpop used Instruments such as the guitar (electric and acoustic), keyboard, occasional strings and of course a set of drums.


Britpop was full of fun and was mainly intended to drive out “Grunge music”. The Bands were original, funny and spread Britpop around and still managed to make the world laugh in the process.

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